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Results per individual may vary.

We all get them, and we all hate them. There are a number of ways on the market today that help smooth out these unwanted lines, but most of them require the use of scary chemicals or even invasive surgery. Luckily, now there is a way to achieve similar results to these traditional methods by using laser wrinkle reduction technology. Laser wrinkle reduction is a fast, effective treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Using a yellow light laser, the procedure naturally stimulates the body’s own collagen to naturally replenish itself. This new collagen then naturally begins to gradually fill lines, wrinkles, and creases allowing a more youthful you to shine through.

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At Women’s Health of MD we offer fractional non-ablative skin treatments, IPL applications Pelleve RF treatements in package applications or individual treatments.

What is non-surgical FaceLift?

A non-surgical facelift is the utilization of laser and energy devices to elevate and reposition the brow, cheek, jowl and neck without a scalpel or excisional techniques. A non-surgical facelift involves a series of treatments using fractional Radio Frequency (RF) and fractional laser devices for superficial textural wrinkle reduction and non-ablative RF heating devices for tightening and repositioning of the facial tissues. Color correction IPL and photo rejuvenation applicators will be used at the same time to improve the color and tone of the skin to be lifted. Additionally, the muscles of the facial elevation are stimulated and treated with electrical mild facial therapy to provide additional soft tissue support. The non-surgical facelift techniques are very reproducible and although they don’t replicate what you can achieve with a surgical facelift procedure, tremendous tightening and rejuvenation can occur without the risk of more open surgical intervention.

The procedure is done right in the office, often in less than 30 minutes. Best of all, the procedure requires no anesthesia or downtime! The powerful yet gentle laser does not damage the skin nor cause any discomfort. Patients usually report a “gentle warming sensation” during the procedure and for a short period afterward. The patient is given a simple skincare regimen to follow for a few weeks following the procedure. Patients can then resume their normal lives upon leaving our offices. Multiple procedures may be required to achieve optimal results.

How is the procedure done?

At Women’s Health Services of Maryland, we offer multiple different treatment modalities in tandem applications or as single procedures. Best results can be achieved by combining multiple treatments such as a fractional non-ablative laser with IPL/Fotofacial followed by Pellevé applications. Usually 3-4 applications 3 weeks apart achieves best results*, however you will see immediate improvement in your skin tone as well as reduction in your existing wrinkles even after one application.* We also offer an additional free treatment with purchase of package of 3 applications.

What is the recovery time ?

Our treatments require minimal to no downtime with the exception of fractional laser applications which may cause redness/irritation for the following couple days, however you may still continue to wear make up immediately after treatments. IPL and Pelleve treatments require no down time but may cause slight redness for couple hours following the procedure.

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* For any treatment/package over $1000

Individual results may vary.

Laser Skin Treatments Package Pricing

We recommend at least 3 treatment sessions to achieve best results however, if you have been previously treated and just need a refresher course then individual treatments with fractional laser, IPL or Pelleve are also available.

Full Face IPL+Fractional Laser+Pelleve Application (all three in single session) $800

Package of 4 for above 3 treatments $2,499

Fractional Laser treatments

Single Treatment Full Face $400
Package of 4 $1,200



* individual results may vary

Great at advising as far as precautions and complications/side effects are concerned. Quickly works and assistants are friendly.

Jennifer F.

From the doctor to the receptionists, this place is awesome! My doctor was awesome, and it felt as if he really cared about me and my pregnancy. During my delivery, he made me feel at ease and still cared after i gave birth. Its a great place full of great people!

Rolanda Parker

I have been seeing Dr. Dinc since I found out I was pregnant with my son back in 2014! I love his staff with the exception of Rosa she isn't someone I like to deal with ever concerning a previous conversation we had. Usually when I call I will Ask for Ashley or Brittany they both are very knowledgeable! Dr. Dinc unlike a lot of other places is always on call and will be there to deliver your precious pride and joy when the time comes! I love how I can go on my lunch breaks to my appointments and I am in and out never hardly have to wait and when he is running behind or leaves for an emergency I am called right away to reschedule which has happened once and still got to see him the same day! I am very happy that he will be delivering my daughter I am pregnant with now which is my second baby with him! He is very understanding and will help you in anyway he can!

Taylor Jones