Professional Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Stop dealing with unwanted hair and say ‘good riddance’ to the painful razor burns, redness, ingrown hair, and irritation that regular hair removal methods cause. Women’s Health Services of Maryland offers specialized laser removal treatments for you to achieve the smooth skin you’ve always desired.

Women’s Health Services of Maryland has helped women of all ages in Baltimore and surrounding areas get a perfect skin and feel their best.

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Laser Hair Removal - Women´s Health Services of Maryland

Results per individual may vary.

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How Does It Work?

A specially designed laser applicator is placed over the desired area and laser energy is delivered. This energy travels down the hair shaft heating it and absorbing the light-based energy from the laser.

The absorption of the laser energy results in heat that spreads out from the hair shaft up to the cells in charge of hair growth and future hair follicles, thus stopping its production.

To achieve the best results, an examination must be performed in order to select the right combinations of wavelengths for your specific type of skin.

Laser Hair Removal - Women´s Health Services of Maryland

Results per individual may vary.

A Few Things to Know

After a successful treatment, you will notice the smell of photocoagulation (burnt hair shafts) as well as little red bumps and swellings around the hair shafts. You will also notice extrusion of dead hair shafts over the first seven to 21 days following your treatment.*

Like any other aesthetic treatments, there might be a degree a discomfort following a laser removal session. However, with topical anesthesia and the dynamic cooling tips, cryogen spray and air coolers deployed with modern laser systems, laser hair removal is differin.

It is important you come to the clinic when stubble of hair is emerging from the skin so the laser nurse can see the full extent of your unwanted hair removal zone.

Good candidates have realistic expectations, keeping the range of desired permanent laser hair reduction (the amount of hair that never grows back) between 50% – 80%.

In most individuals, hair can be permanently reduced after a series of treatments, using combinations of different wavelengths. Most commonly, 6 treatments will be required to optimize permanent reduction.

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* Results may vary per individual

Laser Hair Removal

Package Small Normal
Small Areas (Chin, Upper Lip) 3 Sessions $250 6 Sessions $500
Medium Areas (Underarms) 3 Sessions $299 6 Sessions $599
Large Areas (Bikini/Brazilian, Forearms, Full Face, Lower Legs) 3 Sessions $499 6 Sessions $999
Extra Large (Full Back, Thighs) 3 Sessions $699 6 Sessions $1400



* Individual results may vary

Great at advising as far as precautions and complications/side effects are concerned. Quickly works and assistants are friendly.

Jennifer F.

From the doctor to the receptionists, this place is awesome! My doctor was awesome, and it felt as if he really cared about me and my pregnancy. During my delivery, he made me feel at ease and still cared after i gave birth. Its a great place full of great people!

Rolanda Parker

I have been seeing Dr. Dinc since I found out I was pregnant with my son back in 2014! I love his staff with the exception of Rosa she isn't someone I like to deal with ever concerning a previous conversation we had. Usually when I call I will Ask for Ashley or Brittany they both are very knowledgeable! Dr. Dinc unlike a lot of other places is always on call and will be there to deliver your precious pride and joy when the time comes! I love how I can go on my lunch breaks to my appointments and I am in and out never hardly have to wait and when he is running behind or leaves for an emergency I am called right away to reschedule which has happened once and still got to see him the same day! I am very happy that he will be delivering my daughter I am pregnant with now which is my second baby with him! He is very understanding and will help you in anyway he can!

Taylor Jones